Military Drumming

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With Remembrance Day next week, and moving stories from soliders on the news this morning, we were inspired to celebrate military drumming...

So roll up for some amazing batallion drumming on the Percussion Store blog today!  We have picked out some great videos ranging from mass army drumming to a light show Edinburgh epic to a gritted teeth, gutsy army-navy drum battle...

Poppy for Remembrance Day


 Percussion Store - wearing our poppy with pride and gratitude.



1. British Army invade Old Wembley...

Epic for sheer scale - massed British Army bands at Old Wembley in the late 70s - every FA Cup final should kick off with this....


2. Top Secret Drum Corps

Hard to not look further then the brilliant Top Secret Drum Corps - complete with light show drumming!


3. US Army vs Navy DRUM OFF

Ultimate military drum battle! Navy win on a technicality? Also love the defiant back turning from the army cymbal players near the end...

Poppy for Remembrance Day


Percussion Store - wearing our poppy with pride and gratitude.

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